BMM 014: The Rumor Mill: Skepticism & Long-Distance

  • 1:10:49
  • 17 June, 2018
  • Explicit Content

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It ain’t always been breezy.

In this episode Mikey and Randie combine two listener episode ideas to bring you the truth about the skepticism they received when they began dating in high school, how it affected them, and how they pushed past it. The couple also tell listeners about how they survived long-distance, what some of their struggles were, and how they made it work.

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Highlight Reel

  • 8:35 Randie and Mikey talk about the skepticism they faced about their relationship
  • 31:00 The Chapmans begin the tale about their long-distance relationship
  • 43:40 Mikey and Randie discuss how they made long-distance work
  • 57:06 Fight or Flight
  • 1:03:42 PDA


  1. Kyrstin says:

    I’m late, I know, but Barry Allen, that was hilarious! Lol. I think I would consider long distance the obstacles it takes to see them. What I mean by that is, do I actually need to save up for a ticket? Do I need to call off work? Do I need time to gain sick time, to call off work because I can’t afford taking off to see you? I’m projecting, lol which means yes, I would do a long distance relationship. I’m currently in one, Cleveland to Miami. The last time I tangibly saw my boyfriend was April 25, 2018. He started his job April19th (2 days before I visited) and I started mine May 1st. He has a 90 day period where he can’t call off and I have no sick/vacation time yet. Google duo and text messages have been our best friends. He too suffers from Mikeitis, where everyone calls on him which leaves less time for me but we’re working on it. A milestone for us is marriage so we keep that in mind. As far as sex is concerned it’s more of an issue for him than me. I want to wait and he respects that. His urges are stronger than mine but he agreed to my non-negotiable. We rely on God so that definitely helps. Though as I’m writing this right now I kinda wanna kill him cause he’s been sleep all day and when he did finally pick up his phone died. So I’m just… yeah. But I love that idiot and quite honestly this is the best relationship I’ve had in my life ya know. He loves me for me and I truly believe he does. Anyway, I love the content and I’m literally laughing out loud at work. Keep it up! Love you guys!! XOXO!

    1. The Chapmans says:

      LOL thanks for your comment Kyrstin. And yea…Cleveland to Miami is definitely long distance and it sounds like y’all could use a visit. Ever thought about meeting in the middle somewhere between Florida and Cleveland and having a great weekend together? We’re happy to hear that he’s adhering to your non-negotiables when it concerns sex. That’s definitely important. We know you miss him! Sucks about his phone!! Thank you again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We love you!!

      1. Kyrstin says:

        Lol, I actually looked it up the other day. Our midpoint is a town called Enos, SC. The nearest city is Columbia but those flights cost more than the ones to Cleveland/Maimi. Guess what city is 3 hours west of that and much cheaper? We’ll be sending in our application. Love you both!!

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