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Mikey and Randie will be back with a new episode on May 19th, but before their break they discuss why they love being Drew’s parents.

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  1. Neekisia Jackson says:

    After listening to this episode after not being a parent right now I like being able to just travel. I have really been hit with the travel bug and I truly enjoy minimal planning and being able to get away. I have been using the non-baby bug to travel internationally. I enjoy being able to have random sex whenever, where ever, I feel. I think about having a child but I also have a 2-year nephew who I take one weekend out of every month which curbs my baby fever. He is literally just like me, an asshole and very rambunctious. In those 2-3 days of having him over the weekend, I found that I no longer have the need for my own baby when I have my baby that I keep and then give back. I enjoy being the FUN AUNT!!!! It is much more fun than having to instill such much into that little human 24/7. Love the show also, I am doing bar prep for the GA Bar exam this July so your episodes are what I listen to each morning to get me started. Keep up this awesome content and dialogue. It is getting me prepped for my bar prep each day! Love you both.

    1. The Chapmans says:

      LOL this is so real. Our sisters feel the same way about being aunts too. Kudos to you for taking your nephew how you do. Thanks so much for this feedback KeKe! And good luck on your bar exam. We’re happy the podcast is helping you get through! We love you as well!

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