BMM Indie 107: Black Is.

  • 1:01:10
  • 27 August, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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Black is Glory, Forever, Friendship, King, and a Conversation. And Randie can’t wait for you to hear. In this Indie episode, she chats it up with two of her closest girlfriends from college about Beyoncé’s visual album and re-imagination of the Lion King. To start, the trio reveal a time in their childhoods when they were proud of themselves, and then discuss how the Black is King visual album is helping them make it through these trying times. Later, Carmen, Chantel, and Randie discuss some people’s criticism of the album, and share the lessons they learned from it.

Beyoncé is a girl’s girl, and so it only made sense to Randie to chat with some of the women in her life that grew her up and taught her all about sisterhood, and she hopes you enjoy.

Are you excited to add this millennial to your list of favorite women?

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