BMM Indie 085: On Being Married

  • 31:26
  • 15 April, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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Randie was not going to share this episode with the public, but her intentions for herself called for real life bravery. For her first Indie back, the shorter half of the Black Millennial Marriage podcast talks about needing Mikey. But, doesn’t everyone? Yes. No?

Randie details how she has shrunk her needs as a wife for fear of conflict, and then she discusses why this cannot continue. Feeling a bit ashamed, embarrassed, exposed, and silly, Randie’s uncomfortable. But, a little discomfort never killed anyone. Right?

Later the Mrs. reveals one thing she has tried and will never do again, and finally she answers an age-old question: are boneless wings really wings?

Are you excited to add this millennial to your list of favorite women?

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