BMM EP 031: No, I Love You (More)

  • 1:36:13
  • 18 December, 2018
  • Explicit Content

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This may be the couple’s most freestyled episode yet. For episode 031 Mikey and Randie get into topics they believe can be divisive in relationships like: who does the most work, who has it worse: men or women, and more. The conversation is eye-opening for the both of them and it takes Randie out of her shell while making Mikey feel right at home.

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Highlight Reel

  • 16:15 Mikey and Randie share their thoughts on who does the most work in relationships
  • 26:01 Randie and Mikey discuss the “black men don’t cheat” hashtag
  • 39:52 The Chapmans decide if Black men or women have it worse
  • 59:43 The couple wonder what’s more important: racism or sexism?
  • 1:25:39 Fight or Flight
  • 1:29:22 PDA

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