BMM 112: What I Like About You

  • 39:42
  • 16 September, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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Last week was intense, right? That’s why Mikey and Randie are lightening it up a bit with some major PDA. In this episode the couple detail what they like about the other and end up surprising one another. From Randie’s rant about Mikey’s butt to Mikey’s love about her bravery, the Chapmans invite you in to listen to a heartwarming and feel good conversation. Later, for her fight or flight, the Mrs. questions Mikey about always using her things. But, in the end, it’s always love when they show each other some PDA.

The Chapmans hope this conversation encourages you to dote on your person and yourself. And as always, they hope you enjoy.

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Highlight Reel

  • 5:30 The Chapmans begin list
  • 30:12 Fight or Flight
  • 34:11 PDA

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