BMM 098: Joy is an Act of Resistance Ft. Drew

  • 55:53
  • 10 June, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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Writer and activist Audre Lorde said it best, caring for oneself is a form of political warfare. That’s why, in this episode Mikey and Randie are taking a break from the heartache and instead reflecting on the joys of Blackness. Why? Because while the revolution is in progress and the pandemic is still real, they needed a reminder that Black people do more than die. Black people are masters of joy and happiness. They are compassionate, strong, and magical, so together the Chapmans reveal their favorite thing about being black and detail their favorite memories as children and adults.

From college week in elementary school to attending a Bayard Rustin breakfast, the couple take a trip down memory lane for some much needed smiles. Later, Randie and Mikey discuss a time they had to choose joy and peace over fear of being harmed while Black, and then they talk about what they hope to teach Drew. Before the episode ends, the Mr. brings a fight or flight that questions his wife’s eye-health, but in the end it’s all love when the Chapmans show each other some PDA.

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Items Mentioned:

Highlight Reel

  • 3:27 Mikey and Randie reveal backstory to their episode
  • 5:56 The couple introduce topic and began talking about joy
  • 45:44 Fight or Flight
  • 49:29 PDA

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