BMM 095: Radical Acceptance

  • 49:08
  • 26 May, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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Oh the irony! This episode was supposed to be the first one of season 2, but Mikey and Randie changed their plans. Now, the couple share this episode because of another plot twist and a surprise that’s not quite ready yet–but it’s all good. Recorded back in February, when they were on break, Randie and Mikey talk about some of the things they have to radically accept. From the come up not being as linear as they hoped, to understanding that they have to live with their choices and more, the Chapmans get deep, vulnerable, and silly per usual. Later, Mikey brings a fight or flight that ends up making him look cray cray, but it’s all love when the couple show each other some PDA.

While this episode is an oldie for them, they hope you find some gems and that you enjoy.

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Highlight Reel

  • 11:23 Mikey and Randie share their radical acceptance list
  • 36:37 Fight or Flight
  • 40:33 PDA


  1. Shay Rob says:

    Hello beautiful people!!!! LISTEN👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You guys have really been showing out and blessing me with this content. It’s almost like you guys are somewhat ease dropping in on my life and conversations with hubs and friends.. I wasn’t going to send in feedback but I had to let y’all know how much I really appreciate you guys being transparent and having the conversations that most shy away from.. When I tell you that I felt episode 95 down in my core ,whew it literally brought tears to my eyes.(Like damn we aren’t the only married couple feeling these things, My feelings are rational, Accept where you are and know that you’re doing enough)… There’s been soo many different points that have been made within episodes 93 & 95 alone that I can’t even hit on without sending awhole book. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Never change for anyone as you guys are pure blessings and are very much needed in this crazy world. Keep loving one another and most of all KEEP BEING GREAT

    SideBar:Really some eggs? I literally LOL over the FOF because I sensed the seriousness and can only imagine the face you made when you looked at your plate and that one dish was missing 😂

    1. The Chapmans says:

      Heyyyyy Shay! We already talked, but we wanted to thank you again for this response to our episode! We’re happy you’ve been loving this season. It’s been good for us too! LMAO and yes! That fight was real!! I still can’t believe it. Just foolish LOL. Thank you again!! (R)

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