BMM 063: So You Wanna Code? (PT. 2)

  • 1:13:37
  • 22 September, 2019
  • Explicit Content

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Mikey promised he’d come back with a job and he did! In this episode the couple talk about the professional and personal process Mikey went through for his new position. Later, the couple reveal if they thought the bootcamp and everything they went through was all worth it and true to Chapman fashion–it gets emotional. Before the end of the episode, the Mr. brings a fight or flight that asks Randie to consider her bathroom habits, but as always they come together for some PDA.

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Highlight Reel

  • 22:38 Mikey gives 1 do and 1 don't for preparing for a job
  • 25:38 Mikey brings 1 do and 1 don't for networking
  • 37:35 The couple discuss Mikey's new position
  • 48:25 The Chapmans discuss if it was worth it and what they would do differently
  • 1:04:18 Fight or Flight
  • 1:07:34 PDA

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