BMM 059: Why Do Millennials Fall in Love?

  • 1:09:07
  • 08 September, 2019
  • Explicit Content

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In this episode, Randie reads a listener’s love story that started at Sonics, involves a little head, and ends in a lasting marriage. Later, Mikey and Randie answer a listener’s question that reveals why they got married and also why they believe millennials are shying away from the commitment. Before the episode’s end, the Chapmans hypothetically renegotiate terms of their relationship and engage in a fight or flight that gets deeper than expected. However, as always Mikey and Randie reel it in with some always appreciated PDA and they hope you enjoy.

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Highlight Reel

  • 17:50 Randie and Mikey reveal why they got married.
  • 25:58 The couple share why they believe people aren't getting married
  • 42:16 The Chapmans talk about terms of their marriage they would renegotiate if they could
  • 48:16 Fight or Flight
  • 1:00:02 PDA

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