BMM 051: 21 Day Challenge

  • 1:08:48
  • 30 June, 2019
  • Explicit Content

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Remember the Chapman’s 21 day sex challenge? Yea. They failed. Don’t worry though–they will explain.

In this episode Mikey and Randie discuss how and why they failed, who they think the challenge is best for, and what they plan to do moving forward.

Later, Mikey brings a fight or flight that blames Randie for his anxiety, and then they make up with some PDA.

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Highlight Reel

  • 18:46 The Chapmans introduce their 21 Day sex challenge
  • 23:17 Mikey and Randie explain who they think the challenge is best for
  • 27:48 The couple discuss why they believe they failed the challenge
  • 34:34 Randie and Mikey detail how they plan to move forward and explain why they’re attempting again
  • 48:04 Fight or Flight
  • 56:58 PDA

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