BMM 048: Okay, But . . . STFU

  • 43:36
  • 11 July, 2019
  • Explicit Content

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In this episode the couple discuss their experience with unsolicited advice/opinions from people about their parenting while also detailing how this experience translates in everyday relationships. Later, Mikey brings a fight or flight that Randie quickly flees, and they end the episode with some PDA.

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Highlight Reel

  • 9:46 Mikey and Randie discuss crazy advice they get as parents
  • 37:12 Fight or Flight
  • 40:04 PDA


  1. Neekisia Jackson says:

    I am all caught up and this is great. I felt this episode in my soul. I just finished law school and I am preparing for the GA Bar and I get so many people who tell me how to pass the Bar, mind you these people haven’t done anything let alone went to law school or sat for any type of professional test. I think both you and Mickey have handled your child in the best way you see fit and that is the most important thing. I also found this to be true with the relationship advice. Plenty of people like to offer me relationship advice of what I should or shouldn’t be doing but they are single as a stick of gum. But that is my little rant. I love you guys podcast, it is literally giving me a good laugh while I sit in the misery that is Bar Prep. Keep it up and once I finally get coins and not be poor anymore I do plan to hop over to your site and support as much as I can. GREAT JOB!!!!

    1. The Chapmans says:

      LOL loving your feedback Keke! And also congrats again on your bar endeavors. We know you can do it! We know you’ll pass!

      Hollering at single as a stick of gum lmaooo. You’re hilarious. Thank you again for always reaching out. We’re honored to know we’re helping you get through the struggle lol.

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