BMM 021: So. . . We’re Pregnant

  • 1:01:25
  • 19 August, 2018
  • Explicit Content

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Baby Champan is due Feb. 2019 and the Chapmans couldn’t be happier.

In this episode, Mikey and Randie detail how and why they started trying, how they found out they were pregnant, their initial reactions, and how they told their family. The couple also discuss why they decided to keep the pregnancy a secret for a time and end the episode answering listener’s questions.
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Highlight Reel

  • 4:00 Mikey and Randie discuss when and how they started trying
  • 17:29 The couple discuss keeping pregnancy a secret and how it was eventually telling their family
  • 27:05 Randie and Mikey answer listener questions
  • 54:26 PDA


  1. UmmYudeen says:

    First of all imma need a disclaimer that says don’t drink hot beverages while listening to yall podcast lol bc you never see the laughs coming, you just burst out laughin. Oh so from this point on my comment has spoilers so scroll pass this one if you your not into that kind of thing.

    Compulsion… Randie had me trippin out bc I watch the Originals and have felt like somebody tried to compulse me before (is that a word🧐, yes? no? Idk? …Okay). It was at that point I was like I gotta tell the rest of my married friends/fam about this podcast lol.

    For the record I feel your pain Mikey I too have Locs and use to take a full hair day to wash and retwist, now I have a baby so it takes two days 😩. I’m so over them now and want to take them out but my Hubby is soooo against it but I don’t see nobody helping me on hair day. Exhausting especially when they are long. Randie help retwist that man hair please. Also I swear my Locs began growing super fast during and after pregnancy. A year later and I still can’t keep up with the new growth so look out for that part… also I had to form new locs… like I literally grew new hair outside of my Locs so fast to a point I had to form new Locs.

    Is this review too long? Am I doing too much?

    Anyways, I gave you guys 5stars at the end of the first episode had I not done so I would have def gone back to give you guys 5 stars by now and bc yall said so lol. You guys earned it.

    Me and my husband are black, muslim, millennial and military (so I get the distance thing) but I see so much of our marriage in you guys podcast. Especially the friendship you guys share but maybe minus the bacon dranks and holidays lol. I just want to reassure you guys that contrary to popular belief there are more things that unite us than divide us and BMM proves that. Peace and Blessings to you guys and even more to Baby Chapman. Aameen❤️

    1. The Chapmans says:

      UmmYudeen thank you so much for this review. We are over here rolling while reading it. You are absolutely not doing too much at all LOL. This was a great read and we really appreciate it. I’m (Randie) already noticing some hair growth and Mikey is .2 seconds away from cutting his own hair. It’s a mixture of wanting something new but also realizing his hair may be making it harder for him to navigate this country. It’s a little sad, really. I love his hair but it’s TOO much to help maintain and he’s too frickin’ OCD lol.

      Also THANK YOU for getting the compulsion thing, because I swear it’s real and that’s why I was so mad LMAO.

      We’re so happy to hear that y’all are enjoying us and you’re absolutely right there is more that unite us than divide us and every now and then we get a little reminder to keep on keeping on. This message really has made our day. Thank you again and we receive all the blessings for Baby Chapman lol. With love! Mikey & Randie.

  2. Steph says:

    Hiiii. I have been binging on all episodes. You guys are great to listen to!

    PS this episode isn’t on Google play for some reason.
    From Canada

    1. The Chapmans says:

      Hii!! Thank you so much! Yeah, we’ve been having problems with Google Play (and no one can tell us why), but you should be able to find all our episodes on Google Podcasts (which is a completely different app).

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