BMM 003: Who TF Did I Marry?

  • 1:06:50
  • 22 March, 2018
  • Explicit Content

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A motorcycle accident and a messy birth control side effect proved to Mikey and Randie that they were meant to be together.

In this episode the couple detail the moments they knew they wanted to get married, and disclose the questions they had to ask themselves before walking down the aisle. Before ending the show, they play a shortened version of the newlywed game and ask each other a range of questions including, “Where’s the craziest place we’ve had sex?” and “Who has the better mother-in-law?”

Things get heated when trying to decide who is always right, but in the end, there’s nothing but love.

Are you excited to add this millennial couple to your list of relationship favorites?

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Highlight Reel

  • 7:51 Mikey details his “Ah-ha” moment about marrying Randie
  • 10:00 Randie tells the moment she knew she would definitely marry Mikey
  • 24:13 The Newlywed Game begins
  • 54:40 Fight or Flight
  • 58:30 PDA

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