BMM 001: The Chapman Origin Story

  • 46:16
  • 20 March, 2018
  • Explicit Content

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Birth control, pheromones, falling in love, oh my.

In their intro episode Mikey and Randie talk about meeting in middle school, becoming fast friends in high school, and falling in love.

Plus, they re-tell the story of their first time and how Mikey showed up to Randie’s house nearly naked.

They poll the audience to settle an 8-year dispute and ask listeners to decide if Mikey was wrong for telling Randie’s mom they had sex through a text message.

Are you excited to add this millennial couple to your list of relationship favorites?

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Highlight Reel

  • 6:37 The couple discuss becoming friends in high school
  • 12:23 Randie realizes she’s in love
  • 27:21 Couple gives overview of relationship and how they moved forward
  • 30:10 Mikey introduces the story about the couple’s 8-year dispute


  1. Brianna Graves-Bills says:

    I’m so proud of you guys! Listening to your story was so sweet, and I’m so happy for you guys success!! It made me smile and laugh to hear you guys voice and the love for each other.

    1. The Chapmans says:

      Thank you so much Brianna! We really appreciate it and we’re happy you’re enjoying it. <3

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