BMM Indie 114: Dear God Ft. Brandi Miller

  • 43:23
  • 25 September, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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This episode is dedicated to Randie’s late grandmother Pat (1949-2012)

Dear God, thank you. But also, how much longer? And by the way, please come get your people. These are just a few thoughts that Randie and her guest, Brandi Miller have. In this indie episode, the shorter half of the podcast interviews the host of “Reclaiming My Theology,” a podcast about taking our theology back from systems and ideas that oppress. Together, the two detail what shaped their idea of God. Next, they discuss Christianity and it’s relationship to white supremacy. Finally, they discuss how to love justice, but also how to practice compassion with a refusal to dehumanize.

Randie hopes anyone of any faith can take something from this conversation, especially in these trying times. And, as always she hopes you enjoy.

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