BMM 145: Plastic Off the Sofa

  • 58
  • 21 September, 2022
  • Explicit Content

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Mikey and Randie haven’t had a relationship check-in in a long long time, until today that is. For the inaugural episode of Season 5, tune in as the couple rate sex, family, communication, self, and money on a scale of 1-5. The convo is all things juicy, funny, and enlightening, and they hope to inspire you to check in with you and yours as well.

Later, Mikey brings a fight or flight asking Randie to be more considerate than she is. But it’s all love though, when in the end they shower each other with PDA and thank the other for being the bomb ass spouses they are.

As always, they appreciate you for listening and kicking off season 5 with them and they hope you enjoy.

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  • 03:47 The Chapmans begin the relationship check-in
  • 46:31 Fight or Flight
  • 50:13 PDA

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