BMM 110: Are You Shrinking Yourself for Me?

  • 1:18:30
  • 07 September, 2020
  • Explicit Content

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Have you been having simple conversations with your partner? Where neither one of you are assuming the worst or avoiding conflict? Mikey and Randie haven’t. That’s why in this episode the couple discuss ways they are shrinking themselves and the potential harm they have caused in their relationship. Randie shares her definition of shrinking herself, Mikey expresses similar feelings, and the couple share a transformative moment when they reveal the ways and reasons they shrink who they are.

Things get eye-opening, apologetic, and true to Chapman fashion the couple derail the convo and Drew makes a cameo. The result? An hour of your favorite couple shooting the shit. Later, the Mr. brings a fight or flight that he uses to try to leverage sexual favors from the Mrs. But, in the end it’s always love when they show each other some PDA and share a special shout out from a listener to their loved one abroad.

This conversation changed Mikey and Randie and maybe it will change you too. Tune in and find out. They hope you enjoy.

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